Patricia "Pat" Kemp

Experienced Leadership for the Future of Hillsborough County

Pat Kemp 2016
Patricia "Pat" Kemp

Vote Pat Kemp for a Better, Brighter Future in Hillsborough County

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“Pat Kemp is a lawyer who offers a depth of experience and policy knowledge. Kemp has a better feel for the diverse nature of the county. She has advocated for better transit and smarter planning for years, and she recognizes that the county needs jobs of all kinds. Kemp also has long been a voice for open government.”   (October, 2014)

“Pat Kemp is a progressive on growth and transportation. She understands… .is tireless…and supports smarter transit.”    (July, 2016)

I am proud to endorse Pat Kemp for Hillsborough County Commission District 6.

Pat is a strong advocate for jobs, small business and efficient transportation, and I look forward to serving Hillsborough County with Pat Kemp. — Congresswoman Kathy Castor

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Pat Kemp is an advocate for:

  • Working for less traffic and more transit with transit alternatives including ferries, robust bus service, rail, bicycles and walkable communities
  • Supporting the Tampa Bay Ferry Project as a low-cost mass transit alternative
Good-Paying Jobs
  • Attracting and growing the industries with the jobs of the future
  • Promoting & growing local start-up industries & businesses
  • Supporting equality for all Hillsborough’s citizens. Equality means business.
Protecting our Environment
  • Creating quality jobs while protecting our environment by promoting the industries of the future: solar energy, mass transit options, recycling, etc.
  • Supporting our county Environmental Protection Commission (EPC)
  • Ensuring clean air and water and the protection of our environmental lands
Smart Growth
  • Partnering with communities & businesses for growth that enhances and builds communities
  • Stopping the costly “dumb growth” that adds traffic and pushes the cost of bad development onto taxpayers
Getting the Most for our Tax Dollars
  • Investing in the most cost-effective transportation options for the future
  • Putting an end to taxpayer subsidies of expensive sprawl
Supporting our Community Resources

Such as our community centers, libraries, senior and children’s programs, nonprofit social services, community gardens and farmers markets, the arts, cultural venues and events

  • Pat Kemp with Bob Graham
    Pat Kemp with Bob Graham, former Florida Governor and U.S. Senator
  • Pat Kemp with Otis Anthony
    Pat Kemp with Otis Anthony, former Assistant to 2 Tampa Mayors
  • Pat Kemp with Sudeep Vyapari
    Pat Kemp with Sudeep Vyapari, Assoc. Exec. Dir., National Council for Science and the Environment
  • Pat Kemp listens
    Pat Kemp with Carla Jimenez, co-founder of Tampa Independent Business Alliance
  • Pat Kemp with children
  • Campaign Kickoff
    Pat Kemp gets enthusiastic support